Arabella Hospitality SE is committed to sustainability

Our corporate social responsibility matters to us

We are well aware that guests, investors, and the general public expect to see a greater focus on sustainability within hotel operations. And that applies to our hotel partners too. As a business entity and operator, Arabella Hospitality is committed to making business operations more sustainable and documenting our social and environmental efforts.

On the island of Mallorca, we have been enhancing our endeavors to improve our use of resources at our hotels and golf courses for some time now. We are also careful to equip new developments (such as our Son Vida Residences) with sustainable technology.

Meanwhile, in Munich, we support a local children’s charity, the Josef Schörghuber Foundation for Munich Children, which has been helping socially disadvantaged children and teenagers to go on vacation and take part in leisure activities since 1995. We raise awareness to this charity by placing donation boxes in prominent locations in our hotel reception areas. You can find out more about the charity by heading to:

Arabella Hoteles e Inversiones de España presents Sustainability and Social Impact Report 2021

As part of Marriotts SERVE360 program the hotels of Arabella Hoteles e Inversiones de España have set a number of goals to be achieved by 2025 . This includes reducing water consumption by 15 percent,  reducing waste by 45 percent, but also the use of alternative energy sources and the responsible purchasing of food. Arabelle Golf AMallorca developed the Green Evolution program, which is based on four pillars.  Water management, energy management, sustainable consumption and protection of the natural environment. Both programms rely and focus on the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations programm

The team led by Francisco Vila has now presented its progress in detail in the new Environmental, Social und Governance Report 2021, based on the GRI Index of the European Union

The measures mentioned in the report and implemented in 2021 are convincing and show results. Plastic bottles and plastic straws have been abolished. Disposable plastic has been replaced by biodegradable plastic. LED lights throughout all areas provide lighting. The hotels offer charging stations for electric cars. The consumption and usability of water and renewable energies plays a key role in managing all properties.  

Arabella Golf Mallorca has planted over 160 olive trees and produces sustainable olive oil. 800,000m³ of reclaimed water were used to replenish the aquifers.  Golf carts and machinery have been changed to electric or hybrid power units. Actions to preserve habitats of the local species and a waste management system are deployed. 

After final review of all CO² Emissions Arabella Golf Mallorca will be CO² positive. 

Within the new FINHAVA membership the hotels contribute to the circular economy of the island and improve local agriculture and sustainable tourism. 


Also in terms of social responsibility engagement and awareness play a key role. Within Marriott’s SERVE360 program gender equality and diversity are deployed, employees receive training and policies for a good work-life balance, safety, health and data protection are in place.  Local social and labor programs and activities are actioned.


The full Report 2021 can be found here

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