Our TellUs! whistleblower system

We at Arabella Hospitality are committed to responsible and sustainable corporate governance. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to us that we conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our dealings with people, our decisions and our day-to-day actions are based on this shared value system.

Violations of these values not only damage Arabella Hospitality’s reputation as an employer and business partner, they can also have serious legal and economic ramifications for our company. In order to avoid or minimize possible illegal activities, it is therefore crucial that we identify, investigate and remedy any violations of the rules early.

Report incidents and ask for advice

A prerequisite for effective compliance is secure and reliable communication channels – not only for employees and business partners but also for every other stakeholder. Compliance at its best only works if everyone is aware of their responsibility as an individual to behave with integrity.

Please help us to identify and avoid damage to Arabella Hospitality’s reputation and financial damage early.

We want you to talk to us

The first point of contact for you as an employee of Arabella Hospitality should always be your immediate superior.

As a customer, sales partner, supplier or other stakeholder of Arabella Hospitality, please contact the person at our company with whom you normally communicate. If you do not have someone at Arabella Hospitality that you can contact directly, you can also address your questions and concerns directly to the Compliance Office. Send an e-mail to:

We are aware that there may be situations in which you feel that a direct and open dialog is inappropriate or that you wish to remain anonymous. In such cases, our whistleblower portal TellUs! provides you with an additional secure way to provide information on possible compliance violations confidentially – either stating your name or anonymously.

TellUs! whistleblower portal

The TellUs! whistleblower portal is a secure, web-based whistleblower system and is available to our employees, business partners and any other person around the clock, regardless of their location. You can use it to report possible violations of Arabella Hospitality’s business policies and code of conduct, internal company guidelines or applicable laws, either anonymously or by name, or to obtain advice in this context.

You can use the link below to report possible violations:


Thank you for your support.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Arabella Hospitality is fully aware of its responsibility towards its employees and business partners. We are therefore committed to the principles of ethics, integrity and compliance with the law.
We expect the same commitment to the highest standards of business ethics from all our business partners.
This Code of Conduct for Business Partners describes the fundamental principles for our own business activities and cooperation in this regard. These represent the minimum standards for our business relationships.
Business partners are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all legal regulations and our Code of Conduct when working with Arabella Hospitality.
This Code of Conduct applies to Arabella Hospitality and its subsidiaries.

Basic principles

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners is based, among other things, on the international guidelines, principles, laws and regulations listed below:
▪ OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises (OECD MNE Guidelines)
▪ UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs)
▪ ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its Follow-up (ILO)
▪ International Charter on Human Rights (OHCHR)
▪ Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)
We adhere to these international guidelines and principles and to local, national and international laws and regulations. We also demand this from our business partners.
In its business and procurement activities, Arabella Hospitality pays attention not only to economic and technical criteria, but also to social and ecological aspects such as human rights, working conditions and environmental protection. When procuring goods, construction work and services, Arabella Hospitality requires its business partners to adopt a sustainable approach, protect the environment, treat employees fairly and observe health and safety at work.

Respect for human rights and workers’ rights

We expect our business partners to comply with the human rights set out in international agreements, in particular those listed above. Our business partners must not use child labor, forced labor or slavery in their operations or activities. They must have a system in place to ensure compliance with these requirements.
Business partners shall respect the health, safety and personal rights of their employees.
They are committed to the principles of respectful, fair and non-discriminatory treatment.
Employees are employed and remunerated on the basis of fair and legally compliant contracts. The international minimum labor standards are observed. No employee may be discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, skin color, religion or ideology, political beliefs, social background or marital status. Equal opportunities and equal treatment must be promoted.
Our business partners respect the right of their employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
They observe the relevant legal regulations for the employment of employees in the respective industry and take effective action against illegal employment and undeclared work.
Arabella Hospitality’s business partners also undertake to comply with the applicable national laws on health protection and occupational safety and to ensure a safe working environment.

Respect for the environment

Business partners will conduct their operations in a manner that minimizes negative impacts on the environment and strive for continuous improvement in this regard. Arabella Hospitality’s business partners will comply with all relevant environmental laws and permits. They are committed to conserving resources, avoiding waste and minimizing unavoidable environmental impacts.

Business integrity

Business partners will conduct their business ethically and responsibly and compete fairly in all aspects of their business.
They will strictly comply with competition and antitrust laws and will not participate in illegal agreements that restrict competition or support prohibited cartels.
Corruption, bribery and money laundering will not be tolerated in any form.
Business partners may not grant Arabella Hospitality employees any services, gifts or benefits that could influence their behavior.
Business partners must ensure that personal data, confidential information and intellectual property rights are handled properly.
Business partners are obliged to comply with all national and international tax and customs laws and obligations in the countries in which they operate.
We reject any form of unlawful circumvention of these requirements and abuse of structuring. 

Compliance with the principles of the Code of Conduct

Arabella Hospitality calls on its business partners to comply with the principles of the above-mentioned guidelines and laws as well as the minimum standards of this Code of Conduct for Business Partners in their supply chain.
Business partners should pass on these principles to all other subcontractors involved in the delivery and/or production of the contracted service.
Business partners of Arabella Hospitality are obliged to report their own violations of the Code of Conduct that affect the business relationship with Arabella Hospitality, as well as any findings of misconduct by employees of Arabella Hospitality.
Upon request, business partners of Arabella Hospitality must provide complete and truthful answers to questions regarding compliance with this Code of Conduct and, if necessary, submit documents.
Upon request, business partners of Arabella Hospitality must provide complete and truthful answers to questions regarding compliance with this Code of Conduct and, if necessary, submit documents.

Reporting violations and duty to cooperate

Business partners shall enable Arabella Hospitality to verify compliance with the Code of Conduct and assist in the investigation of violations or reasonable suspicion of violations of the principles and requirements of this Code of Conduct for Business Partners. To this end, they provide information at least in writing in response to inquiries.
If business partners become aware of a violation of this Code of Conduct, they are obliged to report it immediately. To do so, they can either send an email to compliance@arabella.com or report violations and information in our whistleblower system https://www.bkms-system.com/ahse.

Remedial measures

Business partners are obliged to actively investigate suspected cases and to cooperate fully with Arabella Hospitality in doing so.
If legal, human rights or environmental obligations are violated, business partners undertake to plan and take appropriate remedial measures together with Arabella Hospitality that are suitable for preventing, ending or minimizing a violation.
In the event of repeated or serious violations or if business partners fail to adequately fulfill their duties of disclosure and cooperation, Arabella Hospitality reserves the right to terminate the business relationship with the affected parties with immediate effect on the basis of existing contractual or statutory rights (special right of termination).
Further rights, in particular a possible claim for damages, remain unaffected by this.

Awareness and consent of the business partner

The business partner undertakes to act responsibly and to comply with the principles and requirements listed. In addition, he undertakes to communicate the content of this Code to employees, agents and subcontractors in a comprehensible manner and to take all necessary precautions to implement the requirements.

Arabella Hospitality reserves the right to update the Code of Conduct from time to time as appropriate. Business partners are expected to accept such changes.

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